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Bang and Amy with their Ship Captain on a most unique cruise they recently took.

And to think it all started right here at the NASA Michoud Facility in New Orleans.
Benny is "dead center" in this picture.  How'd he manage that?
The picture above was taken in November of 1977.  It is of the first External Tank built.
It was named the Main Propulsion Test Article (MPTA).
The crew had just finished applying the white "top-coat".
The tank was shipped to NSTL, now called Stennis Space Center,
to be used for firing up the engines of the Shuttle Craft.
This is one of the first pictures taken of the tank after completion.

Saturn V Rocket - Stage 1 - The Largest Rocket Ever Built (pictured above)

The same NASA Michoud facility built all of the Saturn V rockets, the rockets that put America on the moon.
Every one of the Apollo Moon Missions were lifted off of the launch pad with this rocket system.
You could easily fit either of the vehicles in this picture in one of the five rocket engine's exhaust ports.

Katrina | MGB | da-Nova

A recent launch of the Delta II Rocket at Cape Canaveral on Wednesday, June 11, 2008.
I believe that it was carrying some type of communications satellite?
I used a similar picture to create the photo at the top of this page.

Bang doing his thing at Mardi Gras.  There should be a law...

Bang 'n' Amy.  Such a handsome couple!

Katrina | MGB | da-Nova

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