By: Bang     (A.K.A. Benny Langoni or Benny da Fish)

"The Katrina Victim"
Here she is when she was first rolled out of cousin Terry's garage after the flood waters were pumped out of St. Bernard Parish following Hurricane Katrina. She sat under 15' of water for three weeks! Who woluld think this car would ever even run again? Bang pulled and changed the plugs and lubed the cylinders, drained and changed the oil - you know, typical tune up stuff - and fired her up!

Bang | MGB | da-Nova

This is an example of what it should look like when it's done….real clean. Did you know that a 1969 Chevelle SS Convertible, 396 4-speed, totally original and in cherry condition, climate controlled garage kept, with less than 25,000 original miles, at a Christie's Auction in New York, commanded over $285,000?!! Pristine Classic American Muscle Cars appreciate more in value than any other antique cars in the world!

It's amazing what a good washing can do.  It looks likes it's ready to be taped up and painted.

I'm assuming that the entire interior must be removed for a thorough cleaning.
All that swamp water may have left a moccasin or a gator baby behind!

It has a 502 cu. in Big Block engine with 502 horse power. A TCI Turbo 400 transmission. with 3.73 gears and a posi-traction rear end.  The car was named after Hurricane Katrina because both are so incredibly powerful, plus the care is a testament to the will and determination of the people from da-Parish.  You go, Bang!

Hopefully, much more will follow as Bang progresses through the completion of this restoration that was started before Hurricane Katrina.

Looks like a good bit of cosmetic damage from the flood waters, but this engine runs great and will soon look new again!

Bang | MGB | da-Nova

Bang | MGB | da-Nova