This particular home is my personal home.  It had a small front porch, no rear covered deck, no beamed ceilings, no fireplace, all the walls were just plain white, the bathroom had no window, there was no out-door shower, the kitchen had a vinyl floor instead of hardwood and there was only one small window over the sink with only one microwave and only one pantry on the left side of the small refrigerator.  None of the appliances were stainless steel. There was no marble in the bathroom and the vanity top was an ugly, brown, one piece very outdated and out-of-style rosin cast.  The kitchen counters were tile, but the tiles were laid directly over non-treated plywood instead of over cement board, causing the tiles to crack and pop loose as moisture caused swelling and shrinking of the plywood.  The great room that now has the fireplace in it had no A/C or heat because the ductwork had not been run into this room.  Only half of the windows were insulated and the center, elevated part of the home had no insulation under the floor in the crawl space, allowing outside air to make the floor extremely cold during the winter.  Also, there was no insulation in the walls of the living-dining-kitchen area.

I bought the house cheap and took care of all these shortcomings.  It is now a spectacular, beautiful, energy efficient estate sitting on ten-acres of property, with a three-acre front lawn and a seven-acre back yard that is totally filled with large hardwood trees that form a complete canopy during the summer.  I am talking about unbroken shade where no sunlight hits the ground.  A veritable paradise.  I just recently had it appraised and even with the current down-turn in property values, it is worth almost twice what I have invested in it.

The next step is to make it completely solar powered.  Fortunately, it faces due-south and has an ideal roof angle to accommodate this modification.  After I do this, I will no longer have to pay for electricity.  Oh...Yeah! 


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